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The Sacred Heart Aikido Center-Cebu is dedicated solely to the propagation of Traditional Aikido as practiced at Aikikai Foundation Hombu Dojo. Not only affiliated with the Filipino Federation of Aikido, It is also recognized by the Aikikai Foundation Hombu Dojo, the world’s center of Aikido in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

The Sacred Heart Aikido Center-Cebu is interested exclusively in sharing the beauty and enjoyment of Aikido with the youth and the not-so-young of Cebu. It aims to develop world-class practitioners who will be role models for their communities, and whose lives will be enriched by the physical and spiritual benefits of Aikido. The Sacred Heart Aikido Center-Cebu, teaches Aikido as a way to promote health and physical fitness, a mind-expanding cultural sensitivity, and a value system that enshrines hard work, personal productivity, and respect for others.

Its chief instructor is Benson Rafanan Sensei (5th dan, Aikikai), and assisting him is Atty. Graeme June Y. Elmido (3nd dan, Aikikai). The instructors are respectable, educated Filipinos who discovered Aikido years ago and would like to share the art unselfishly with others. They are typically people with good jobs or businesses, who therefore do not expect to make a living out of teaching Aikido.


Our Sensei


Benson Rafanan Sensei was born on June 17, 1968. He graduated from the University of the Philippines – Cebu City campus with the degree of Bachelor in Business Management. He started taking up Aikido lessons under Tadashi Komenoi Sensei at the Makati Aikido Club, YMCA, Makati City. He became a “true beginner” in the art of Aikido, — as several Aikido masters would say—, when he received his 1st dan in 1994. He was promoted to 2nd dan in 1996 and 3rd dan in 2000. In 2006, he earned his 4th dan. In Kagamibirake 2013, he was promoted to 5th dan. Royce Reyes Sensei (6th dan, Aikikai) the present chief instructor of Makati Aikido Club, Makati YMCA, calls Benson Rafanan Sensei an in-born talent.

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